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Opening Change Assistant the First Time

The first time you open Change Assistant after installing it, you will be presented with the Welcome menu. You can select not to display this page again.

Image: Change Assistant Welcome menu

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Change Assistant Welcome menu.

Change Assistant Welcome Menu

Click Next to view the Change Assistant Options.

Image: Change Assistant Wizard-Select Action dialog box

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Change Assistant Wizard-Select Action dialog box. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Change Assistant Wizard - Select Action dialog box

Depending on the action you select, the Change Assistant Wizard will guide you through the steps. Each of these steps has a topic that will provide details.

Apply Updates

Apply Updates is used to apply updates and fixes downloaded from My Oracle Support. Updates are downloaded as change packages.

Apply Updates can be used with any change packages.

See Applying Updates To A Target Environment

Update Manager

Reserved for future use

Application Upgrade

Application Upgrade is used to perform upgrade to a new application release, which typically includes a PeopleTools upgrade as well. Full application upgrades are delivered with detailed templates and documentation tailored to your specific upgrade path.

See The Upgrade Process Using Change Assistant

Upgrade PeopleTools

Upgrade PeopleTools is used to do a PeopleTools only upgrade.

Compare/Copy Managed Objects or Merge Select Object Types

Provides the ability to copy and compare Managed Objects, ADS projects and Application Designer projects in Change Assistant. You also have the ability to view and merge PeopleCode, SQL and XSLT. This option uses Project Administration.

Create or Modify Templates

Change Assistant templates are composites of all the possible steps that apply to an update or upgrade. The templates are delivered as part of the change package. Once you select a change package, the template is loaded into the Change Assistant internal storage. You can edit the template or add additional chapters, tasks and steps, if needed.