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Setting Up Change Assistant

This section covers topics related to setting up Change Assistant, including how to:

Installing Change Assistant

Change Assistant runs only on supported Microsoft Windows workstations. Change Assistant is not automatically installed when you install PeopleTools. You install Change Assistant by running a separate setup.exe program in:


After installing Change Assistant, you open it by selecting select Start, then select Programs, then select Peoplesoft 8.x, then select Change Assistant.

Note: If there are any PeopleTools Required for Install patches posted, make sure that those are applied first before running the setup program.

Note: The user who runs Change Assistant does not need to have Administrator privileges on the Windows workstation, but the user needs to have read/write access to the directory (and all subdirectories) in which Change Assistant is installed, such as C:\Program Files\PeopleSoft\Change Assistant.

Complete installation instructions for Change Assistant appear in your PeopleTools installation guide.

See PeopleTools 8.53 Installation: Installing PeopleSoft Change Assistant

PeopleTools 8.53 PeopleSoft Hardware and Software Requirements

Confirming the Path Variable

After installing Change Assistant, ensure that the PATH system variable has been set. The following locations need to appear as the first entries in the PATH string:

  • PS_HOME\bin\client\winx86

  • PS_HOME\jre\bin

Where PS_HOME is the location where you installed PeopleTools.

To verify Path settings:

  1. Select select Start, then select Settings, then select Control Panel.

  2. Double-click the System icon.

  3. Select the Advanced tab on the System Properties dialog box.

  4. Click Environment Variables.

  5. Select the Path variable in the System Variables section, then click the Edit button.

    The Edit System Variables screen appears.

  6. On the Edit System Variables dialog box, ensure that in the Variable Value field, the following directory locations appear as the first entries in the Path string:

  7. If you've made any modifications, click OK to save your settings.

Scanning the Workstation

The first time you use Change Assistant, it automatically scans your workstation for applications that it will use in order to automate the steps. For example, it automatically finds your SQL Query tool and uses it to run SQL commands or scripts. To perform this scan, select Tools, Scan Configuration.

If you add a new application or update an existing application, Change Assistant must perform a scan of the system in order to discover the changes.

Note: Environment Framework Agent must be configured and running.

Define Environment Identification

In the browser, navigate to the PeopleTools Options page (PeopleTools, Utilities, Administration, PeopleTools Options) and make sure that the Environment Long Name and Environment Short Name are specified correctly.

The Environment Management Framework and Change Assistant use these values, along with the GUID, to identify an environment and associate environment information with a particular named environment. Likewise, it enables you to search for updates for a specific environment.