Oracle Advanced Support Gateway Installation Guide

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Updated: June 2015

Minimum System Requirements

If you would like to order a server from Oracle for the purpose of running the gateway, Oracle recommends the Oracle Advanced Support Gateway Server X5-2. The gateway software has been certified on this server and has undergone extensive testing and tuning to ensure this configuration achieves the best performance and availability for your service offerings.

This server can be ordered through your Oracle sales representative or Oracle-authorized-distributor.

To order the Oracle Advanced Support Gateway Server X5-2, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Store at

  2. Using the navigation on the left hand side of your screen, click Servers -> x86 Servers -> Oracle Advanced Support Gateway Server X5-2.

If you do not wish to purchase the certified server from Oracle, you can use a server or Oracle Virtual Machine (Oracle VM) that meets the following requirements:

  • The server must support Oracle Linux 6.3. The server must support Unbreakable Linux Kernel (UEK) 2.x. Please confirm that the hardware supports UEK 2.x before making a purchase. You can view a list of servers that have been certified to run on Oracle Linux from the Oracle Linux certified hardware page at:

  • The server must meet the minimum host system requirements for Advanced Support Gateway installation shown in the following table:

    Additional Details
    4 cores
    8 cores
    The CPU must be 64-bit, x86 architecture (x64 or x86-64). The most common vendors for these processors are Intel and AMD.
    32 GB
    48 GB
    The minimum is acceptable for a small installation that provides service for two or fewer full rack engineered systems (or equivalent products). The recommended is preferred if more systems will be supported, now or in the future.
    1 disk >=600 GB (if using local storage)
    1 disk >=140 GB (if using a combination of local and remote storage)
    6 disks >= 300 GB each
    • Multiple disks are recommended to provide fault tolerance using RAID, which is supported by software. Hardware RAID is also supported but not necessary.

    • All disks must be of equal size. A mixture of differently sized disks in the same system is not supported

    • See Gateway Storage Options for more detail on the supported disk configurations, including instructions on how to configure network storage (eg SAN or NAS).

    1 logical interface. Firewall ports opened.
    Same as minimum.

If the configuration shown in the table is not available, then email or contact your Oracle sales representative.

If the gateway is required for more than two full rack systems per site, then a custom configuration with either more cores, disks or memory is required and can be configured on the Oracle Store or ordered through your Oracle sales representative or Oracle-authorized distributor.