Oracle Advanced Support Gateway Installation Guide

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Updated: June 2015

Register the Gateway With Oracle

During this portion of the installation process, you are guided through a series of questions to collect the necessary information to connect to Oracle and register the gateway. You will need console access to complete Steps 1-4.

  1. Reboot the server as instructed in the previous section.

    The login screen appears.

    image:Graphic showing login screen
  2. Log in using the default administrator account:
    • login: custadmin

    • password: install

    Upon successful login, you will see the message Finishing Install, along with a series of dots to indicate the install progress. This step can take several minutes.

    image:Graphic showing finishing install screen

    When Step 2 is complete, the following screen appears:

    image:Graphic showing registration start screen
  3. Answer the questions with the information collected in the previous sections of this document.

    The following screenshot shows sample answers for each question.

    image:Graphic showing registration start screen

    Once you have filled in all the registration information, the installer applies and tests all the configuration information. This will take several minutes. When it is complete, you will see a message indicating configuration was successful.

  4. When prompted change the password for the custadmin user so that it will no longer be possible to login using the default password.

    Once the password is changed, you are logged out automatically and the login prompt is displayed. The configuration is complete.