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PeopleSoft Talk: Adjusting to PeopleSoft Selective Adoption
In this episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with David Bain, Director of Product Strategy about adjusting to PeopleSoft selective adoption.
This video provides highlights of many of the new features in the PeopleSoft Update Image 17.
In this episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with Willie Suh, Group Vice President, PeopleTools Development about PeopleTools 8.55 innovations.
The PeopleSoft Fluid Workforce Availability feature enables your Managers or Supervisors to monitor reported time, absences, and training against schedules. Your Managers can forecast labor, control costs, and track adherence to schedules and productivity.
PeopleSoft Asset Tracking provides you with a Mobile Physical Inventory solution that replaces third party integrations, and lets you scan assets by location and retrieve asset information from the asset repository.
In this episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Marc Weintraub speaks with Alexa Masters, Product Strategy Director at Oracle, about PeopleSoft Procurement Solutions.


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