Hierarchy Developer's Guide for Oracle Self-Service E-Billing

What's New in This Release

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Hierarchy Manager Overview

Key Features of Hierarchy Manager

Preconfigured Hierarchy Manager Business Objects

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Hierarchy Manager Concepts

Elements of Hierarchy Manager

Hierarchy Manager Business Objects

Hierarchy and Role Access Control

Hierarchy Type

Reporting Periods and Versioning

Reporting Periods

Hierarchy Versioning

Hierarchy Life Cycle States

Data Replication

Assigned and Unassigned Objects

Hierarchy Example

ETL Processing

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Hierarchy Manager and OMF Architecture

Hierarchy Manager Purpose and Components

System Collaborations

Working with Reporting

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Basic Hierarchy Manager Use Cases

Configuring Hierarchy Types

Creating and Modifying Hierarchies, Using APIs

Creating New Hierarchies

Adding or Removing Entities to or from a Hierarchy

Adding and Removing Users from Hierarchy Manager Access Control (HBAC)

Searching and Filtering Hierarchies

Searching and Filter Hierarchies Using IHierarchyManager

Searching Nodes within a Hierarchy

Navigating a Hierarchy

Searching for Link Target Attributes within Hierarchy Manager

Taking the User's Role into Consideration

Creating Hierarchies

Finding a List of Hierarchies That a User Can Access

Finding Top Level Nodes That a User Can Access for a Hierarchy

Finding Assigned Link Targets or OMF Objects

Finding Unassigned Link Targets or OMF Objects

Assigned and Unassigned Search Provider

Managing Business Objects

Exchanging Hierarchy Data Using XML

XML Schema

Importing Hierarchies

Exporting Hierarchies

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Extending Advanced Hierarchy Manager Use Cases

Creating New Types of Business Objects to Work with Hierarchy Manager

Creating New Business Objects

Registering Objects with the OMF Module

Making Business Objects Transactional Aware

Making OMF Objects Work with Hierarchy Manager

Implementing Hierarchy Manager Interfaces

Making New OMF Objects Searchable in Hierarchy Manager

Configuring Searchable Properties

Providing Support for Reporting on the New Business Object

Supporting XML Exchange

Working with an External SSO System

Working with Extended Attributes on Service Agreement Object

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APIs for Customizing Oracle Self-Service E-Billing Hierarchy Manager

IAttribute Interface

IExpression Interface

IFilter Interface

IFilteredQuery Interface

IHierarchy Interface

IHierarchyFolder Interface

IHierarchyFolderManager Interface

IHierarchyHandle Interface

IHierarchyLinkTarget Interface

IHierarchyManager Interface

IHierarchyNode Interface

IHierarchyNodeHandle Interface

IHierarchyService Interface

IHierarchyType Interface

IHierarchyTypeManager Interface

IHierarchyUserRef Interface

ILinkTargetConfig Interface

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Hierarchy Manager XML Exchange Schema

Location of the XML Exchange Schema

XML Exchange Schema file Contents

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Hierarchy XML File Example

Example of a Hierarchy XML File

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