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Release Notes for Oracle Linux 7

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July 2015


This document contains information about the initial release of Oracle Linux 7. This document may be updated after it is released. To check for updates to this document, and to view other Oracle documentation, refer to the Documentation section on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site:

This document is intended for users and administrators of Oracle Linux 7. It describes potential issues and the corresponding workarounds you may encounter while using Oracle Linux 7. Oracle recommends that you read this document before installing Oracle Linux 7.

Document generated on: 2015-07-27 (revision: 3146)

Table of Contents

1 New Features and Changes
1.1 System Requirements
1.2 File System, Storage, and Address Space Limitations
1.3 Supported Kernels
1.4 Installer Features
1.5 Apache Web Server Features
1.6 Authentication Features
1.7 Boot Loader Features
1.8 Linux Containers
1.9 Load Balancing and High Availability
1.10 MySQL Community and MariaDB Packages
1.11 Networking Features
1.12 Red Hat Compatible Kernel Features
1.13 Security Features
1.14 Storage and File System Features
1.15 Technology Preview
1.16 Compatibility
1.17 Unsupported Emulex Devices
1.18 Notable Changes from Oracle Linux 6
1.18.1 Exporting System Configuration Parameters
1.18.2 Host Name Configuration
1.18.3 Predictable Network Interface Naming
1.18.4 NFS v2
1.18.5 ifconfig Output
1.18.6 Initial Setup Supersedes Firstboot
1.18.7 Layout of the root File System
1.18.8 Localization Settings
1.18.9 System Logging
1.18.10 systemd Replaces Upstart and init
2 Known Issues
2.1 Configuring Encryption and /boot During Installation
2.2 Network Installation
2.3 Installation Fails for ext3 / and /boot
2.4 grubby Sets Incorrect Saved Entry
2.5 Per-CPU Allocation Fails when Loading kvm_intel Module with UEK R3
2.6 avahi-daemon Fails to Start with UEK R3
2.7 Crash Kernel auto Setting
2.8 systemd Fails to Load the autofs4 and ipv6 Modules with UEK R3
2.9 firewalld Does Not Currently Support IPv6 NAT Under UEK R3
2.10 Oracle ASM Fails to Initialize with SELinux in Enforcing Mode
2.11 systemctl Does Not Support Some Service Actions
2.12 btrfs-convert Fails
2.13 Upgrading from Oracle Linux 6 Update 5
2.14 Oracle Linux 7 Guests on Oracle VM and Xen
2.15 Hebrew LaTeX Fonts
2.16 sosreport Reports Many SELinux Warnings
2.17 Using NFS v4 with an lxc-oracle Container Fails
2.18 Enabling and Disabling NFS
2.19 Network Teaming
2.20 Network Connection Icon Reports Incorrect State for Interfaces
2.21 net_prio Control Group
2.22 XFS File Attributes Cause a Panic or Reboot
2.23 Automatic Bug Reporting Tool
2.24 InfiniBand Issues
3 Installation and Availability
3.1 Upgrading from Oracle Linux 6
3.2 Installing OFED Packages from the ol7_x86_64_UEKR3_OFED20 Channel
A Package Changes from the Upstream Release
A.1 Removed Packages
A.2 Modified Packages
A.3 New Packages
A.4 Modified Optional Packages
A.5 Packages Added by Oracle
B Removed Modules