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17 Consolidate Product and Service Master Data: Manage Imports

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This chapter contains the following:

Manage Imports: Overview

Manage Imports: Overview

You can import items and item-related information using interface tables or Excel spreadsheets

This topic discusses importing items using interface tables to import the data into the production schema. You can also import trading partner items, item associations, customer items, and customer item cross references.

The following objects are available to import:

  • Items

    • Structures

    • Packs

  • Item Associations

    • Organization assignments

    • Supplier Site Organization Associations

  • Trading Partner Items

    • Customer Item

    • Item Manufacturer Part Numbers

    • Competitor Items

  • Item References

    • Customer Item References

    • Item Manufacturer Part Number References

    • Competitor Item References

To import the objects using an interface table, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the records in the interface table.

  2. Associate the interface table to an item batch definition.

  3. Access the Enterprise Storage Server and provide a process name (job definition) such as Import.

  4. Indicate the item batch definition.

  5. Submit to schedule the import.

You can also access this item batch definition for further modifications through the Manage Item Batches page.


The check data quality and import process will be performed based on the item batch options.

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