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8 Manage Product and Service Data: Manage Product Attachments

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This chapter contains the following:

Manage Item Attachments: Overview

Manage Item Attachments: Overview

An item attachment is unstructured information related to an item. Examples of item attachments include CAD drawings, test results, specification sheets, or URLs.

Attachments can be any type of file including:

  • Files and folders from your desktop or a configured repository.

  • Text files generated during the attachment process.

Attachments can be managed for specific items, all the items for a Master Organization, or all the items for a specific organization.

Managing Item Attachments

Manage attachments for individual items using the following procedure:

  1. Search for and access the item whose attachments you want to manage.

  2. On the Edit Item page, access the Attachments tab.

  3. From the Action menu, you can associate new attachments with the item, delete attachments, or modify existing attachments. When you add an attachment, select the file type and attachment category for the attachment and specify a title and descriptions.


Only those attachment categories will be listed that are associated with the item class of the item.

Item attachments will be available for all the revisions of the item in a particular organization.

Viewing Master Organization Attachments

From the Attachments tab on the Edit Item page, you can review attachments associated with the item at the Master Organization level.

Click Master Org Attachments to access a table listing all the item attachments associated at the Master Organization level

Checking Out Item Attachments

To modify an existing attachment, you must first check the attachment out of the file repository.

Only one user can check out a file at any given time. You can only check out the latest version of the file. During checkout, you have the option to download the latest version of the file. When you check in the file, you must upload the modified content from your desktop. If no changes have been made and there is no need to upload a file from your desktop, you can cancel the checkout. The system maintains a version history, displaying a list of all previous versions of the file as well as indicating the attached version. You can open an earlier version to access discarded information or use the earlier version as a basis for creating a new version. Highlight the appropriate attachment and Click the Check Out icon. A message appears, informing you of the version and file that you are checking out.

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