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These topics describe the features available to you on the Overview page:

The Overview Page

What is the Overview page?

The Overview page provides a view of recent activity across Oracle Social Network. For example, if someone posts a message to a Conversation that you are a member of, Oracle Social Network shows the message in the Conversation as well as on the Overview page.

On the Overview page, you can see:

  • The most current message from each Conversation you're a member of and each wall you have access to

  • A list of the Conversations and walls that have unread messages

  • A list of your favorites

  • A list of your follow-ups

You can see only the information you have permission to see. For example, you can't see messages from walls or Conversations that you're not a member of.

What can I do on the Overview page?

Briefly, here's what you can do on the Overview page:

Table 2-1 Short List of Things You Can Do on the Overview Page

Action For more information, see …

See at-a-glance information, like the number of messages in a Conversation or on a wall and the number of those that are unread

What is the Overview page?

Track recent activity across Oracle Social Network

What is Trending?

Start a Conversation

How do I start a Conversation?

Navigate to a recently posted message or document

How do I view Conversation messages?

View a list of all Conversations and walls with unread messages

Is there a way to see all unread messages in one place?

Mark an item as a favorite or for follow-up

View the follow-ups assigned to you

How do I view follow-ups assigned to me?

View the items you have marked as favorites

How can I see all of my favorites?

What is the Social Bar (Contacts & Activities)?

The Social Bar is a web browser-only feature that appears on the right side of your browser window. The Social Bar includes three sections:

  • Recent Activity—The most recent actions of the people you follow

  • Trending—The Conversations, collections, Social Objects, and walls with the most people in them at the moment

  • Contacts—Your list of contacts

Tip: If your browser window is not wide enough to include a full view of the Social Bar, it appears in collapsed form at the bottom right of your browser under the heading Contacts & Activities. Click the Contacts & Activities banner to expand the Social Bar. Click it again to collapse the Social Bar.

What is Trending?

Trending Conversations are the ones with the most people in them at the moment; this includes Conversations, collections, Social Objects, and walls. A list of trending Conversations appears in the Social Bar on every page in Oracle Social Network for browsers. A series of icons to the right of a trending Conversation shows how many people are active in it.

Where do the people under Contacts come from?

The people who appear under Contacts in the Social Bar are the people you have chosen as your contacts. You include people on your Contacts list when you follow them or add them as a contact.

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