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Oracle® Cloud Getting Started with Oracle Cloud
Release 12.2

Part Number E27036-02
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1 Oracle Cloud Overview

Oracle Cloud is an enterprise cloud for business. Oracle Cloud offers self-service business applications delivered on an integrated development and deployment platform with tools to rapidly extend and create new services. With predictable subscription pricing, our cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators and developers. Our fully managed environment is built using the award-winning Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Database, and Oracle WebLogic products while adding built-in identity management, high availability, elasticity, backup, and monitoring to enable secure and scalable applications. With open Java and SQL standards at the core, enterprises can finally leverage existing IT skill sets and avoid lock-in of their business applications in the cloud.


About the Oracle Cloud Home Page

The Oracle Cloud home page at is where you'll begin by registering for access, requesting trial services, or purchasing services.

Figure 1-1 Oracle Cloud Home Page

Description of Figure 1-1 follows
Description of "Figure 1-1 Oracle Cloud Home Page"

Use the following items on the menu bar to learn more about Oracle Cloud services either before or after beginning a service request:

Currently Available Features

This document describes how to get started with Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service trial and paid subscriptions. You can access more information about other Oracle Cloud offerings from the Oracle Cloud home page.

Oracle Java Cloud Service Features

Oracle Java Cloud Service provides these key features:

For more information about the Oracle Java Cloud Service, select Java under Offerings on the Oracle Cloud home page and see “Introducing Oracle Java Cloud Service” in Using Oracle Java Cloud Service.

Oracle Database Cloud Service Features

Oracle Database Cloud Service provides these key features:

For more information about the Oracle Database Cloud Service, select Database under Offerings on the Oracle Cloud home page and see “Introducing Oracle Database Cloud Service” in Using Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Oracle Cloud Terminology

The following terminology is used when describing the Oracle Cloud features and functionality in this guide:

Oracle Cloud Roles

The following roles are assigned when setting up Oracle Cloud services and users:

Web Browser Requirements

Table 1-1 lists the web browser requirements for using Oracle Cloud and Oracle Identity Console, and Cloud service-specific tools such as Oracle Java Cloud Service Control. For other service specific tools, Chrome and Safari may not be supported. Consult the document specific to the service type for additional requirements.

Table 1-1 Minimum Requirements for Web Browsers

Web Browser Version

Microsoft Internet Explorer

8 and 9 (set Browser Mode to IE8 or IE9; set Document Mode to IE8 or IE9 standards)

Mozilla Firefox

10 and above recommended

Google Chrome

12 and above

Apple Safari



This release does not support mobile browsers.

Where to Go from Here

Go to "Starting Trial and Paid Services" for access to Oracle Cloud services.

If you need help, navigate to the Oracle Cloud home page:

Click the Chat Now or Contact Us links for assistance.

Getting help with paid service subscriptions

If you have any difficulty with your paid Oracle Cloud service subscription, you can contact Oracle Support. Click Contact Us and then click Oracle Support, or navigate to:

You can also use the Chat Now live chat link to get immediate assistance from an Oracle representative, or use Contact Us for a telephone support number, link to Oracle Cloud forums, and a link to Oracle Support.

Getting help with trial service subscriptions

If you have any difficulty during your service trial, try the Chat Now live chat link to get immediate assistance from an Oracle support representative.

You can also click Contact Us for a link to the Oracle Cloud forums, where you can post a message or start a new thread in the Oracle Cloud Forum. Oracle product managers, development, support, and operations team members respond to threads on the forum.