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Oracle® Cloud Using Oracle Java Cloud Service
Release 12.2

Part Number E27039-02
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A  C  D  E  I  J  L  M  O  P  S  T  U  W 


about support, 4.1
ADF application
about deploying, 4.7.3
about securing, 4.3.3,, 4.7.1
about support, A.1
jazn-data.xml security example,
application containers
about supported, A.1
application security
about, 4.2
Java Cloud Service, 1.2
about security, 4.3.1


Command Line Interface (CLI), 3.5
managing a service, 2.8


deployed applications
accessing using URL, 1.4.1
ADF application, 4.7.3
application using a JDBC data source, 4.7.2
application using ADF application security, 4.7.1
application using Java EE application security, 4.7.1
Java EE applications, 4.7
deprecation policy, 4.10


Enterprise Archive (EAR)
about support, A.1
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Containers
about support, A.1


infrastructure, 4.2
integrated development environments
about supported, 4.6
NetBeans, 4.6.2
Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, 4.6.3
Oracle JDeveloper, 4.6.1


Java Cloud Service
about, 1.1
architecture, 1.2
authentication, 4.3.1
deprecation policy, 4.10
infrastructure, 4.2
installing SDK, 1.3
integrated development environments support, 4.6
key concepts, 1.2
locking, 2.7
managing, 2.8
portability, 4.8
requesting a trial or paid service, 2.1
SDK, 1.3
security, 4.3
supported application containers, A.1
supported applications, 4
supported services, A.1
third party framework support, 4.5
unlocking, 2.7
unsupported APIs, A.2
unsupported features, A.2
using Command Line Interface (CLI), 2.8
web services support, 4.4
whitelist, 4.9
whitelist criteria, 4.9.1
Java Cloud Service SDK, 2.8
installing, 1.3
Java Cloud Service whitelist, 4.9
Java Cloud Services Control
About home page, 3.4.2
accessing, 3.4.1
accessing from My Services,
accessing from Service Instances pane,
accessing from Services page,
accessing from URL,
deleting applications, 3.4.3
deploying applications, 3.4.3
redeploying applications, 3.4.3
resolving performance issues,
starting applications, 3.4.4
stopping applications, 3.4.4
viewing activity logs, 3.4.6
viewing application statistics, 3.4.5
Java Cloud Services Control home page, 3.4.2
Java EE 5
about support, A.1
Java EE 6
about support, A.1
Java EE application
about deploying, 1.4
about securing, 4.3.2
about security, 4.7.1
preparing for deployment, 4.7
updating weblogic.xml,
updating web.xml,
Java environment
about, 4.2
Java Platform, Standard Edition
about support, A.1
security example,
JDBC data source
about deploying with, 4.7.2
JDBC services
about support, A.1


locking a service, 2.7


service notifications, 3.1
service utilization, 3.2
status, 3.3
using Command Line Interface (CLI), 3.5
My Services page
accessing, 2.3.1


Oracle Java Cloud Service
managing service users, 2.2
monitoring, 3, 3.5
using Command Line Interface (CLI), 3.5
Oracle Java Cloud Service SDK, 2.8


portability, 4.8


security, 4.3.2
about, 4.3
about ADF applications, 4.3.3
about built-in authentication, 4.3.1
about Java EE applications, 4.3.2
about whitelist, 4.9
associations, 2.6
editing a description, 2.5
monitoring status, 3.3
monitoring utilization, 3.2
viewing details, 2.4
service description
editing, 2.5
service details
viewing, 2.4
service notifications
monitoring, 3.1
service status
monitoring, 3.3
Services page
about, 2.3, 2.4.2
supported applications
Java EE 6, A.1
JDBC services, A.1
supported applications and containers
ADF applications, A.1
Enterprise Archive (EAR), A.1
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Containers, A.1
Java EE 5, A.1
Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) APIs, A.1
Web Application Archive (WAR), A.1
web applications, A.1
Web services applications, A.1


third party framework
about support, 4.5


unlocking a service, 2.7
APIs, A.2
features, A.2
about, 2.2


Web Application Archive (WAR)
about support, A.1
web applications
about support, A.1
Web applications
about support, A.1
web services
support, 4.4
WebLogic Server
about support, 4.1
WebLogic Server 10.3.6
about supported APIs, A.1, A.1
about supported capabilities, A.1
updating for Java EE application,
updating for Java EE application,
about, 4.9
about criteria, 4.9.1