How do I get more information about an app or a service?

To view detailed information about a specific app or service, click its name or logo to open the details page.

Review the information on the details page to evaluate whether you want the app or service.

  • Details — For details about the app or service, review the information at the top of the page and on the OVERVIEW tab. You can get a full product description, check requirements or availability, and read additional documents, such as data sheets and user guides, provided by the Oracle partner.

    You can also click the links in the TAGS section on the OVERVIEW tab to find other apps or services that match the selected keyword or phrase. These search tags are available only if the Oracle partner included them when creating the marketplace listing.

  • Multimedia — For a closer look at an app or a service, watch the available videos or flip through the sequence of screenshots.

  • Reviews — To read what customers are saying about an app or a service, click the RATINGS tab. User ratings and reviews can help you determine the value of an app or a service for your business or organization.

  • Partners — For details about the Oracle partner providing the app or service, click the PROVIDER tab. Learn about their company, how long they’ve been in business, other apps and services they provide, and how to contact them.

  • Demo — Partners can include a Demo link in the header section at the top of the page. Click the Demo link for more information. You may be redirected to a demo, a video, the partner’s website, or other details such as frequently asked questions.

  • Social media — To get the latest news, click the appropriate icon for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to go to the social media page for the app or service. These icons are available only if the Oracle partner set up these social media sites for the app or service.