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Viewing Details About a Service


Navigating to the Details Page for a Service

To view detailed information about a specific service, click the service name or logo.

The service details page displays the following items:

  • Header, or banner, section at the top of the page

  • Overview tab

  • Ratings tab

  • Provider tab

Viewing Basic Information About a Service

The header, located at the top of the service details page, displays the following basic information:

  • Service name

  • Services's average rating based on customer reviews

  • Industries assigned to the service by its provider

  • Headline or slogan that promotes the service

The following table describes the other information and tools displayed in the page header on the service details page.

Item in Page Header Description

OPN Membership Level

View the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) membership level for this provider. The levels are Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Product Focus

View the list of Oracle Cloud products for which this Oracle provider offers a service. The products are an Oracle Cloud solution, such as Marketing Cloud or Sales Cloud.

Social Media

Click the appropriate icon for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to go to the social media page for the service.

These icons are available only if the Oracle partner set up these social media sites for the service.

Contact Us

Click Contact Us to request the service from the Oracle partner. See Contacting a Service Integrator.

Learning More About a Service

The following table describes the information displayed on the Overview tab for a service listed in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Section Name Description

Offerings and Solutions by provider-name

Brief description of the service. Click More to read a more detailed description of the service offered by the provider.

Number of Trained Professionals

Number of professionals on staff that have expertise in the Oracle Cloud solution.

Related Documents

Supporting materials such as user guides, white papers, data sheets, or case studies for the service. Some Oracle partners may provide links to a knowledge base or a page with frequently asked questions.

Geographic Focus

One or more regions of the world where the service is available.


Languages spoken by the professionals who deliver the service.

If the Oracle partner supplied images or videos related to the service, then you can see those thumbnails on the right side of the Overview tab. Click a thumbnail to view the video or a larger version of the image.