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Using Oracle Cloud Marketplace
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Contacting a Service Integrator

To get a service from Oracle Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website:

  2. Click Sign In, enter the user name and password for your Oracle Single Sign-on (SSO) account, and then click Sign In.

    If you do not have an Oracle account, click Sign Up and follow the on-screen instructions to register for a free account.

  3. Search the marketplace to find the service you want. For more information, see Browsing, Searching, Filtering, and Sorting.

  4. Click the service name to open the details page.

  5. Click Contact Us.

  6. Enter the required information into the Customer Details dialog box.

    You must supply an email address so the provider has a way to contact you. Optionally, you can enter a telephone number and additional notes for the provider.

  7. Click Submit.

    Oracle Cloud Marketplace sends your contact information to the provider and sends you an email confirming that your request was received.

    In addition, a message confirms that your request was submitted.

  8. Click Close to dismiss the confirmation dialog box.

    The service provider will contact you to discuss your request and requirements.