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4 Frequently Asked Questions for Oracle Cloud Marketplace

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


Can I get Oracle apps from Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

Yes. In addition to the apps developed by Oracle partners, you can get a select number of Oracle apps and extensions from Oracle Cloud Marketplace. These apps are developed and provided by Oracle Applications Labs.

Do I have to be registered as an Oracle partner to get an app or a service?

No. To get an app or a service from Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you only need an Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) account.

To register for a free Oracle account, click Sign In on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace home page, and then click Sign Up and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do I need to be a member in Oracle PartnerNetwork to publish to Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

Yes. To publish an app or a service to Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you must have at least a Silver Level membership with Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). To sign up for a membership, visit the OPN website at:

In addition to the active OPN membership, you must have an Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) account to sign in to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website.

How can I find a specific app or service?

Use the Search field in Oracle Cloud Marketplace to find apps or services by keyword. In addition, you can use several options to browse, filter, and sort the available apps and services. For more information, see Browsing, Searching, Filtering, and Sorting.

How can I find out when a specific app will be listed?

If you are interested in the apps of a particular Oracle partner, then use the Search field in Oracle Cloud Marketplace to find the contact information for the partner that provided the app. You can submit an inquiry about the release of future products. Alternatively, you can contact the Oracle Cloud Marketplace support team to find out about apps not yet available on the website.

How can I get or request an app?

To get an app, sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace and find the app you want. Click the app name to open the details page and then click Get App. The system either displays instructions about how to download the app or displays a message that the Oracle partner will contact you with details about how to get the app.

How can I learn more about the company providing the app or service?

Click the app or service name to open the details page, and then click the Provider tab. This tab displays details about the company and its business, provides links to its website and email, and lists information about other offerings that the company published to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

How can I upgrade my app?

Usually, the provider sends you an email when an upgrade is available for your app. The email includes guidance about how to download and deploy the upgrade.

How can I view apps that were deleted from Oracle Cloud Marketplace?

An app that is no longer listed in Oracle Cloud Marketplace is usually withdrawn by its provider for any number of reasons, including technical improvements, version upgrade, or discontinued product. You cannot view or download a withdrawn app.

Where can I write a review?

Click the app or service name to open the details page, and then click the Ratings tab. To enter your comments or share your experiences with the community, click Write a review.