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3 Publishing Your Apps and Services on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

This section describes how you can join Oracle PartnerNetwork and register to become a publisher so you can post your apps and services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


Becoming a Member in Oracle PartnerNetwork

To publish an app or a service (consulting, integration, training) to Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you must be a registered Oracle partner.

For information about joining Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), visit the OPN website at:

You will need to:

  • Create your personal account if you do not already have one.

  • Create a profile for your company.

  • Complete the OPN membership application.

As a member of OPN, you can become an Oracle publisher and take advantage of the boundless marketing scope offered by Oracle Cloud Marketplace. You can provide your Oracle Cloud business apps and services to a nearly inexhaustible supply of potential customers.

In addition, you can manage your company profile, upload videos and images, and publish your listings to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.