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Becoming a Publisher for Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Why Become a Publisher?

Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers a platform for independent software vendors to showcase their apps that interoperate with Oracle Cloud solutions and for independent integrators to market their services, such as consulting and training.

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Oracle Cloud Marketplace can help you grow your business by reaching thousands of Oracle customers.

To register for publishing privileges:

  • You complete the publisher application form.

  • An Oracle account manager reviews and processes your application.

  • Oracle grants you access if your application is approved.

Prerequisites for Publishers

To become an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an account. To register for a free account, go to the Oracle website at and click the Sign In/Register link.

  • You must be a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

    If you do not have a membership, you can still proceed with the application process to become a publisher and obtain an OPN membership simultaneously. For more information, see Becoming a Member in Oracle PartnerNetwork.

Completing the Publisher Application

To register to publish apps and services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website:

  2. Open the Resources menu in the navigation bar, and select Become a Publisher.

    An introductory page highlights the benefits of becoming an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher.

  3. Click Become a Publisher.

    Become a Publisher button
  4. Sign in to your Oracle account.

  5. Complete the following fields to register.

    Visitors to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website will be able to view the information you enter here. This information will be displayed on the Provider tab for all listings you publish to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

    Field Description

    First Name

    First name of the primary contact for your company.

    Last Name

    Last name of the primary contact for your company.


    Email address of the primary contact for your company.

    Business Phone

    Phone number of the primary contact for your company.

    OPN Number

    Your membership number for Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

    Company Name

    Name of your company.


    Number of employees in your company. Select the appropriate range from the list.

    Contact Phone

    General phone number for your company.


    City where your company is located.


    State where your company is located.


    Country where your company is located.


    URL for your company's website.

    Year Founded

    Year the company was founded.

    Contact Email

    General email address for your company.

    Notification Email

    Email address that receives all notifications from Oracle. Notification email includes:

    • Status update of a listing you submitted to Oracle for approval.

    • Leads generated from Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Specifically, contact information for the user who requested your app or service.

    Company Description

    Brief description about your company and its software business solutions.


    Even though you can provide contact information for only one individual when you register your company as an Oracle partner, you can provide multiple support contacts and links for each app you publish to Oracle Cloud Marketplace. You can also provide multiple office locations and contacts for services you offer.

  6. Select the Oracle products with which your app integrates or for which you provide a service.

    For example, you can select Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud. This list will be updated as Oracle makes additional products available.

  7. Describe the app and service solutions you will be providing.

  8. Select the type of offerings you want to be able to publish.

    • Apps (Browser, Desktop, Mobile)

    • Services (Consulting, Integration, Training)

  9. Click Submit when you have completed the registration form. A dialog box confirms that your application to become an Oracle publisher has been received.

  10. Click Done to close the dialog box and return to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.