This guide also applies to on-premises implementations


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1 Overview

2 Getting Started with a Procurement Rapid Implementation

3 Synchronization of Users and Roles from LDAP

4 Define Implementation Users

5 Define Currencies and Currency Rates

6 Define Enterprise Structures for Procurement

7 Define Security for Procurement

8 Define Approval Management for Procurement

9 Define Help Configuration

10 Define Application Toolkit Configuration

11 Maintain Common Reference Objects

12 Define WebLogic Communication Services Configuration

13 Define Applications Core Configuration

14 Define Collaboration Messaging

15 Other Common Setup and Maintenance Tasks

16 Define Common Procurement Configuration

17 Define Purchasing Configuration

18 Define Self Service Procurement Configuration

19 Define Supplier Portal Configuration

20 Define Sourcing Configuration

21 Define Supplier Qualification Management

22 Define Procurement Contracts Configuration

23 External Integration

24 Importing and Exporting Setup Data

25 Supply Chain Management Integration