This guide also applies to on-premise implementations


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1 Overview

2 Define Synchronization of Users and Roles from LDAP

3 Define Implementation Users

4 Define Enterprise Profile

5 Define Financial Reporting Structures

6 Define Organizational Structures

7 Define Project Organizations

8 Define Users and Security

9 Define Automated Governance, Risk, and Performance Controls

10 Define Project Portfolio Management Common Reference Objects

11 Project Foundation Configuration: Overview

12 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Project Calendars and Periods

13 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Types and Categorizations

14 Project Foundation Configuration: FAQs for Enable Automated Project Spaces

15 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Project Roles

16 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Project Resources

17 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Rate Schedules and Costing Rules

18 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Project Resource Breakdown Structures

19 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Burdening

20 Project Foundation Configuration: Manage Project Types

21 Project Foundation Configuration: Define Action Controls

22 Project Foundation Configuration: Distribute and Install Desktop Integrator Client

23 Project Control Configuration: Overview

24 Project Control Configuration: Manage Period Profiles

25 Project Control Configuration: Manage Spread Curves

26 Project Control Configuration: Manage Financial and Project Plan Types

27 Project Integration Gateway Configuration: Define Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Integration

28 Project Integration Gateway Configuration: Define Project Management Integration

29 Microsoft Project Integration: Overview

30 Project Costing Configuration: Define General Costing Setup

31 Project Costing Configuration: Define Capital Projects

32 Project Costing Configuration: Define Borrowed and Lent Accounting

33 Project Costing Configuration: Define Project Costing Integrations

34 Project Billing Configuration: Define Contracts Configuration for Project Billing

35 Project Billing Configuration: Define General Project Billing Setup

36 Project Billing Configuration: Define Project Billing Business Unit Options

37 Project Billing Configuration: Define Intercompany Project Billing

38 Project Billing Configuration: Define Transfer Pricing

39 Project Billing Configuration: Define Customer Billing Configuration for Project Billing

40 Project Billing Configuration: Define Taxes for Rapid Implementation

41 Project Performance Reporting Configuration: Manage Project Units: Performance Reporting Options

42 Project Performance Reporting Configuration: Define Key Performance Indicators

43 Project Performance Reporting Configuration: FAQs for Define Region Personalization

44 Manage Project Templates

45 Define Subledger Accounting Rules

46 Define Approval Management

47 Define Help Configuration

48 Define Application Toolkit Configuration

49 Maintain Common Reference Objects

50 Define WebLogic Communication Services Configuration

51 Define Client Extensions

52 Other Common Setup and Maintenance Tasks

53 External Integration

54 Importing and Exporting Setup Data