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Use Cases for Implementing Applications for Oracle Sales Cloud
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Extending an Oracle Sales Cloud Opportunity Contact Table with a Custom Button


Task 1   Extend an Opportunity Contact Table with a Custom Button

To extend a Oracle Sales Cloud opportunity contact table user interface with a custom button:

  1. Launch Application Composer.

  2. Select Sales from the Application menu.

  3. Expand the Standard Objects tree node.

  4. Expand the Opportunity Contact object node.

  5. Click Actions and Links.

  6. At the top of the Actions and Links table, click Create. You can also click Create from the Actions menu.

  7. Select the Action button.

  8. Set the value for the Display Label to the string that will appear as the button label.

  9. Set the value for the Name field, or accept the default value.

  10. If necessary, set the Description field value.

  11. If the button will execute an existing script, select Script from the Source menu, then select the necessary script from the Method Name drop-down list.

  12. If the button will execute an URL, select URL from the Source menu. Define the URL using Groovy. The final line of the script can be one of the following options:

    • A return statement with a pre-defined URL. Example: return (myURL).

    • The final value of a variable that defines the URL. Example: def myURL = "http://a_root_URL/?parm1="+parm1value+"&parm2="+ parm2value.

    • A quoted string defining the URL. Example: "http://a_root_URL/?parm1="+parm1value+"&parm2="+parm2value .

Task 2   Validate the Script

To validate the script:

  1. Validate the script using the Validate icon. If necessary, resolve any errors.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Expand the Opportunity standard object tree.

  4. Click Pages within the Opportunity standard object tree.

  5. In the Opportunity Detail Tab section, select the Opportunity Contact entry in the table.

  6. Click the Edit icon or select Edit from the Actions menu.

  7. In the Configure Summary Table: Actions section, shuttle the new button from the Available Buttons list to the Selected Buttons list.

  8. Click Save and Close.

  9. To validate the results, navigate to an Opportunity, expand the Additional Details section, and select the Contacts tab. Verify that the new custom button appears in the Contacts icon or menu header.