7 Working with User Tokens

This section covers patterns for implementing a user token with your custom application.


Creating Topology Manager Entry

To create a Topology Manager entry:

  1. Select Setup and Maintenance from the Fusion Applications Navigator.

  2. In the Tasks navigation pane, select Manage Third Party Applications. Ensure you have Application Implementation Consultant credentials to preform the rest of this task.

  3. In the Search Results section of the Manage Third Party Applications page, select Create from the Actions drop-down menu. The Create Third Party Application window appears.

  4. In the Basic Information section, add values to the Application Name, Full URL, and Partner Name fields that correspond to your application.


    In the following sections, PartnerUserApp is used in the Application Name and Partner Name fields for a sample custom application.


    Always specify an HTTPS URL endpoint. HTTP endpoints are not recommended for production.
  5. Click Apply then Save and Close.