2 Signing in and Getting Oriented

Signing In for the First Time

When your test environment is ready, Oracle sends an e-mail to the person designated as the administrator when you signed up with Oracle Sales Cloud. This e-mail includes the link to your service, a temporary password, and instructions on how to access the Oracle Sales Cloud Welcome Note (Doc ID 1491026.1) on My Oracle Support (support.oracle.com). You must read this note and follow the instructions before signing in.

Available User Interfaces

Sales team members can work in multiple user interfaces (UIs) that are optimized for different uses:

Getting Oriented in Oracle Sales Cloud

When setting up Oracle Sales Cloud, you will be primarily using the desktop and simplified user interfaces (UIs):

Navigating to Setup Tasks

When you sign in, you are automatically directed to the simplified UI.

To navigate to setup tasks and different application work areas, you click on the Navigator icon and make a selection from the menu. The menu selections are identical in both the simplified and desktop UIs.

The Navigator shows all of the application work areas that are available to you based on the permissions assigned to you, rather than on the features you have purchased. Because a setup user has a broad range of permissions assigned, not all of the selections are applicable to your setup.

Navigator menu in the Simplified UI.

For setup, you will be using only a small number of the available work areas accessible from the Navigator menu. The most important of these include:

Desktop UI Organization

The desktop UI is divided into different areas. You can have up to four areas on a single page, but most pages have just two or three:

Both the left and right regions are collapsible, to give you more space to do your work.

Desktop UI areas

Useful Toolbar Items

Here are the most useful toolbar items in the Global area:

Important tool bar items

Accessing Setup Tasks

You will perform many of the setup tasks required to get your application up and running in the Setup and Maintenance work area. This work area is part of the Functional Setup Manager, which you can use to create implementation projects and manage the assignment of setup tasks to implementation teams. For the setups covered in this guide, you will access tasks by searching on their names.

There are two ways of searching for setup tasks:

  1. You can search for the task name on the All Tasks tab on the Overview page in the Setup and Maintenance work area.


    The first time you navigate to the Setup and Maintenance work area, the application displays the Getting Started with Oracle Fusion Applications page. You can reach the Overview page, by clicking Done.
  2. You can use the search for the task in the left-hand Regional area.

    The Regional search provides the quickest way of searching for a task because you don't have to navigate to the Overview page first, but this search is only available when you are working in the Setup and Maintenance work area.

The following figure shows the two areas where you can search for setup tasks.

The two ways you can search for a setup tasks


When searching for setup tasks, use the percent sign (%) to represent missing letters or words. For example, to search for the Manage HCM Role Provisioning Rules task, you can search on manage hcm%rules. The searches are not case sensitive.