This guide also applies to on-premise implementations


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1 Introduction

2 Understanding Setup Tasks and Preconfigured Data

3 Setting Up Users and Security

4 Understanding Default UI Navigation

5 Setting Up Business Units

6 Setting Up Geographies

7 Setting Up Sales Territories

8 Setting Up Work Assignment

9 Setting Up Currencies

10 Setting Up Search

11 Setting Up Common Components

12 Understanding Customer Information

13 Setting Up Sales Catalogs

14 Setting Up Sales Leads

15 Setting Up Opportunities

16 Setting Up Assessments

17 Setting Up Task Templates

18 Setting Up Sales Forecasting

19 Setting Up Sales Predictions

20 Understanding Sales Quotas

21 Setting Up Partner Relationship Management

22 Understanding Social Networking

23 Setting Up Mobile Applications

24 Setting Up Outlook

25 Understanding Analytics and Reports

26 Understanding Audit Policies

27 Understanding Customization, Extensibility, and Integration

28 Understanding Web Services

29 Understanding Import and Export