1 Introduction to Oracle Sales Cloud Customizations

This section describes the scope of this document.


About Customizations

There may be areas of Oracle Sales Cloud that you want to change to meet your business needs. For example, you might need to add additional reports to a dashboard or you might need to add additional fields to a page. You can accomplish this in Oracle Sales Cloud by customizing pages. You customize pages by editing them at runtime, which means that you can change pages to meet your needs as soon as they arise.

Because changes you make at runtime are seen immediately by users, you must first create a sandbox that is separate from the mainline application to isolate your changes. A sandbox provides an independent development environment so that you can fully test your changes before merging them with the mainline code and making them available to your end users.

This book introduces the common customization tasks. To learn about all the ways in which you can extend and customize Oracle Sales Cloud, see Extending Sales.

About Accessing the Customization Tools

You can access customization tools only if you have been assigned the appropriate role. If you do not have access to the customization tools described in this document, contact your application administrator.