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Oracle Sales Cloud Release 10


Get Started with Oracle Sales Cloud

Sign in and get startedvideo icon

Explore the desktop pagesvideo icon

Use applications helpvideo icon

Get started with your calendar and activitiesvideo icon

Get started with accounts and contactsvideo icon

Get started with opportunitiesvideo icon

Get started with Orace Sales Cloud Mobilevideo icon

Get started with search and listsvideo icon

Go Mobile with Oracle Sales Cloud

Install Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile (iPhone and Android)video icon

Find your company's host URL for Oracle Sales Cloud Mobilevideo icon

Set up contact and calendar synchronizationvideo icon

Customize Oracle Sales Cloud Mobilevideo icon

Configure mobile pages for a specific rolevideo icon

Analyze and Report with Oracle Sales Cloud

View analytic reports in Oracle Sales Cloud Mobilevideo icon

Identify your organization's top open opportunitiesvideo icon

View your organization's sales performance trendvideo icon

Monitor your organization's forecast versus quotavideo icon

Evaluate your team's sales performancevideo icon

Review your team's pipelinevideo icon

Monitor your team leaders' quarterly salesvideo icon

View my pipelinevideo icon

Identify my top accounts by open opportunity revenuevideo icon

View my lead agingvideo icon

Monitor my sales performancevideo icon

Use Oracle Sales Cloud

Create a contactvideo icon

Create an accountvideo icon

Manage appointments and tasksvideo icon

Create saved listsvideo icon

Create a sales campaignvideo icon

Use sales coachvideo icon

Use the white space analysis report for cross sell or up sellvideo icon

Add opportunity revenuevideo icon

Add opportunity team membersvideo icon

Manage your resource profile informationvideo icon

Use estimated compensationvideo icon

Manage recurring revenuevideo icon

Manage Sales Forecasts with Oracle Sales Cloud

Add revenue items to your forecastvideo icon

Manage Sales Performance with Oracle Sales Cloud

Identify pipeline issuesvideo icon

View pipeline revenuevideo icon

Manage Sales Territories with Oracle Sales Cloud

Introducing territory management in the simplified UIvideo icon

Change the territory ownervideo icon

Create territory zone hierarchiesvideo icon

Define territories with named accountsvideo icon

Manage geography structures, hierarchies, and validationvideo icon

Administer Oracle Sales Cloud

Implement and manage Oracle Sales Cloud (series)video icon

Create sales usersvideo icon

Create rules to assign matching candidatesvideo icon

Add Task and Assessment Templates to Sales Stagesvideo icon

Add Action Items and Recommended Documents to Sales Stagesvideo icon

Create a Custom Opportunity Listvideo icon

Manage Opportunity Sales Methods and Stagesvideo icon

Import Data with Oracle Sales Cloud

Get Started with Importing Accounts and Contacts Tutorial Series

Understand the template for importing sales usersvideo icon

Download a seeded template for importing sales usersvideo icon

Import the file with your sales user informationvideo icon

Modify the seeded mapping for importing sales usersvideo icon

Create classification categories and codesvideo icon

Customize Oracle Sales Cloud

Make a field required and change its labelvideo icon

Create dynamic layouts based on a field valuevideo icon

Customize opportunitiesvideo icon

Customize account overview informationvideo icon

Use Oracle Social Network to Improve Collaboration

Explore Oracle Social Network Video Seriesvideo icon