Overview of Purchasing an Oracle Cloud Service

Oracle offers Oracle Cloud services at several pricing and service levels to suit the needs and budget of your organization.

The following table outlines the process of purchasing an Oracle Cloud service.

Task Description More Information

Order a service

A buyer or an Oracle sales representative creates an order for an Oracle Cloud service. As part of the ordering process, the buyer (or sales representative) specifies information about the person who will be the account administrator.

Ordering an Oracle Cloud Service

Activate your service

The account administrator receives notification from Oracle when the Oracle Cloud service is ready for activation.

The account administrator then uses the My Account application in Oracle Cloud to activate the service. As part of the activation process, the account administrator specifies information for the activation, including information about the administrators for the service. Oracle processes the information and creates the required instances for the Oracle Cloud service.

Activating Your Order for an Oracle Cloud Service

Monitor your activation request

Account administrators also use My Account to view the current status of an Oracle Cloud service and monitor the progress of an activation request.

In addition, they use My Account to add and manage additional account administrators at the service level, review service details, and monitor service resource utilization.

Monitoring the Progress of an Activation Request

Verify your service is ready to use

When the activation of an Oracle Cloud service is complete, the service administrator and the identity domain administrator (if different) receive a post-activation email from Oracle Cloud. The email contains their sign-in credentials for accessing the My Services application.

Service administrators and identity domain administrators use My Services to verify that an Oracle Cloud service is up and running. In addition, they use My Services to monitor utilization, view service details, and access the control panel and associated tools for the Oracle Cloud service.

Verifying a Service Is Running