Managing User Accounts

Use the Users tab on the My Services Users page to manage user accounts, assign roles, and reset passwords.

Element Description

Add button

Click Add to create a single user account.

See Creating One User Account at a Time for more information.

Import button

Click Import to create a batch of user accounts by loading a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

See Importing a Batch of User Accounts for more information.

Search field

Use the Search field to find one or more user accounts based on the search criteria you enter.

See Searching, Filtering, and Sorting the List of User Accounts for more information.

Show list box

Use the Show filter to display only the users who are assigned the role you select from the list.

Sort by box

Use the Sort by filter to list the user accounts by first name or by last name.

action icon

Click the Action icon to select options for:

User email link on the My Services Security page .

Click the email link to send a message to the user.

Cursor hover on user name to display the assigned roles.

Position the cursor over the user name to display the roles assigned to the user.

Only identity domain administrators can manage user accounts, and they are allowed to add, modify, and remove user accounts only in the identity domains that they have been designated to administer.

After a user account has been created, either an identity domain administrator or a service administrator can manage the roles assigned to a user. For information about managing roles, see Roles and User Accounts Predefined in My Services and Managing the Roles Assigned to a User.