Terminating Your Paid Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service

If you are a buyer and if you purchased a subscription to an Oracle Cloud service, you can sign in to your Oracle Store account and terminate your paid subscription to the service.

Requirements and restrictions for terminating a subscription to an Oracle Cloud service:
  • You can terminate a paid subscription to an Oracle Cloud service only if you have buyer privileges.

  • You can terminate month-to-month subscriptions only. The Terminate option is not available if you purchased a year subscription to an Oracle Cloud service.

  • You cannot terminate the subscription to a trial. Trials are free. A trial subscription ends after 30 days.

To terminate a paid subscription:
  1. Open your web browser and go to the Oracle Store website:
  2. Click Sign In and enter your account credentials.
  3. Click Your Account to view a list of your purchases.
  4. Locate the service whose paid subscription you want to terminate.
  5. Click the Terminate link located below the Status information for the appropriate service.
  6. Complete the Terminate Subscription dialog box:
    1. Select your reason for terminating the subscription.
    2. Read the details about when Oracle will terminate your subscription. The termination is based on the monthly billing cycle and the submit date.
    3. Select the Accept check box to agree to the terms.
  7. Click Submit Termination.
Oracle will process your request and terminate the subscription at the end of the appropriate monthly billing cycle. Until the termination date, the status of your Oracle Cloud service remains at:

Pending Termination

You can sign in to Your Account in Oracle Store to view the status of your termination request.

Upon termination, your system administrator will have 60 days to transfer your content and software for the terminated service from Oracle Cloud to a local system. After 60 days, Oracle will permanently delete any remaining content and software related to the terminated service.