Ordering an Oracle Cloud Service

Buyers can create a purchase order for an Oracle Cloud service from the Oracle Cloud website or the Oracle Store using their Oracle.com account. Alternatively, an Oracle sales representative can create the purchase order.

During the ordering process, buyers specify information about the person who will be the account administrator for the service. Buyers can designate either themselves or another person to be the account administrator for the service. In addition, for application services, such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle ERP Cloud, buyers can specify if they want an Oracle employee to activate the purchased service on their behalf.

After an order has been submitted, account administrators, or in some cases account activators, use the My Account application in Oracle Cloud to manage the services assigned to them. From My Account, account administrators can activate their services, view their pending service requests, add and manage other account administrators for their services, and review details about each of their services.

To order an Oracle Cloud service:
  1. Open your web browser and go to the Oracle Cloud website:
  2. Browse through the product categories listed on the home page or open the Products & Services menu to show the complete list of available cloud services.
  3. Select the Oracle Cloud service you want to order.
  4. Review the overview information and the list of features.
  5. Click the Pricing tab when you are ready to make a purchase.
  6. Click Buy Now for the subscription plan that you want to purchase. The system redirects you to Oracle Store.
  7. Review the service you selected, make additional selections for your service, and add items to your shopping cart.
  8. Click View Cart Details to review the contents of your shopping cart.

    You can add items to your cart, remove items from your cart, and update quantities as needed.

  9. Click Checkout when you are ready to proceed with your purchase.
  10. Sign in and follow the on-screen instructions to provide information about your account administrator, specify the service activator (if applicable) by selecting the Add activator check box and entering the email address of the Oracle employee who will activate the service on your behalf, set up your online account profile, enter billing and payment details, and accept the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement.
  11. Review and confirm your purchase details.
  12. Click Place Order to place your purchase order.

    Oracle confirms that your order has been placed successfully. The Order Details page provides information about the Oracle Cloud service you purchased, the account administrator you assigned to the service, and the payment and billing options you selected.

  13. Make a note of the following two important numbers on the Order Details page:
    • Order Number: Refer to this number whenever you contact Oracle about the status of your order.

    • Customer Support Identifier (CSI) Number: Refer to this number whenever you contact an Oracle Support representative for assistance with your Oracle Cloud service.

  14. Check your email. You will receive an email from Oracle Store that confirms your order has been received and is being processed.

After Oracle processes your purchase order, Oracle Cloud sends an email to the account administrator you specified during the ordering process. The account administrator must activate the service. For more information, see Activating Your Order for an Oracle Cloud Service.

In addition to ordering Oracle Cloud services, buyers have the privileges to change or terminate a paid subscription. For more information, see Changing Your Paid Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service and Terminating Your Paid Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service.