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2 Requesting a Trial Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service

This section describes how to request a free 30-day trial for the Oracle Cloud services that offer a trial subscription.


Your 30-day free trial begins on the date that you activate your trial subscription to an Oracle Cloud service. It does not begin on the date that you requested the trial.


Oracle Cloud Services Available as a Trial Subscription

Oracle provides trial subscriptions so you can try out and evaluate Oracle Cloud services for your enterprise needs. Trials are free.

You can request trial subscriptions for the following Oracle Cloud services:

Category Oracle Cloud Services Offering Trial Subscriptions
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management Cloud Service (Oracle Fusion CRM Cloud Service)
  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Cloud Service (Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service)

  • Oracle Fusion Talent Management Cloud Service

Trials expire after 30 days. For some Oracle Cloud services, you can request a 30-day extension for your trial. For more information, see Extending a Trial.

Oracle Java Cloud Service Includes Oracle Database Cloud Service

When you request an Oracle Java Cloud Service trial, Oracle automatically includes an Oracle Database Cloud Service trial because Java requires Oracle Database to function. You receive two trials in a single request: one Java and one database.