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4 Using My Account to Activate and Monitor Oracle Cloud Services

This section describes how to use the My Account application to monitor your Oracle Cloud service performance and usage, and to make operational decisions based on the information.

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My Account versus My Services

Oracle Cloud provides two applications for monitoring and operating services:

  • My Account: Lets you monitor the status of services for an entire account, across multiple data centers and identity domains. My Account displays information about active, expired, and pending services. You use My Account to activate your services and to view the status calendar. If you are also a buyer, you can access Oracle Store from My Account.

  • My Services: Lets you monitor and operate all active services within a single identity domain. You use My Services to perform all operating tasks, after your services are activated.


You are automatically signed out of My Account and My Services after 30 minutes of inactivity or after the maximum session length of 8 hours. When this happens, Oracle Cloud prompts you to reenter your sign-in credentials.

Use the following table as a guide to the monitoring and operating tasks you are able to perform in My Account and My Services.

Task Perform in My Account Perform in My Services

View service details

See Viewing Service Details in My Account.

See Viewing Service Details in My Services.

Monitor status history

See Monitoring the Status of Your Services in My Account.

See Monitoring Status and Uptime Percentage for a Service.

Monitor service utilization

See Viewing Historical Usage Metrics for a Service.

See Monitoring Current and Historical Utilization for a Service

Manage account administrators

See Managing Account Administrators.

Not applicable

Monitor service notifications

Not applicable

See Monitoring Notifications.

Add and edit service descriptions

Not applicable

See Editing Service Descriptions

Lock and unlock services

Not applicable

See Locking and Unlocking a Service.

Associate services

Not applicable

See Managing the Associations Between Services.

Service-specific tasks

Not applicable

See the service-specific documentation for details about the operating and monitoring tasks specific to a particular service type.