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6  Using My Services to Monitor and Administer Oracle Cloud Services

This section describes how to use the My Services application to monitor status, uptime, and utilization for your Oracle Cloud service, how to administer the service, and how to access service-specific tools.

For information about using My Services to set up user accounts, see Managing Users and Roles.


My Services Versus My Account

After your services are activated, Oracle Cloud provides both summary and detailed information to assist you in monitoring your underlying service status. You can easily observe the health of your individual services by accessing this data from My Services. You can also monitor data consumption and capacity by watching key metrics.

My Services provides functionality for monitoring and operating your activated Oracle Cloud services. For each service type, detail and service metrics have unique, specific features; all pages and features are not visible for every service. For example, application archiving is an operation a system administrator can perform only on a database service. Developer tasks, such as starting applications, are also accessed through My Services, but are described in the referenced services-level documentation.