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Oracle® XML DB Developer's Guide
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Changes in This Release for Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide

Part I Oracle XML DB Basics

1 Introduction to Oracle XML DB

2 Getting Started with Oracle XML DB

3 Using Oracle XML DB

Part II Manipulating XML Data in Oracle XML DB

4 XQuery and Oracle XML DB

5 Querying and Updating XML Data

6 Indexing XMLType Data

7 Transforming and Validating XMLType Data

Part III Viewing Existing Data as XML

8 Generating XML Data from the Database

9 Relational Views over XML Data

10 XMLType Views

Part IV Using XMLType APIs

11 PL/SQL APIs for XMLType


13 Java DOM API for XMLType

14 Using the C API for XML

15 Using Oracle Data Provider for .NET with Oracle XML DB

Part V XML Schema and Object-Relational XMLType

16 Choosing XMLType Storage and Indexing

17 XML Schema Storage and Query: Basic

18 XML Schema Storage and Query: Object-Relational Storage

19 XPath Rewrite for Object-Relational Storage

20 XML Schema Evolution

Part VI Oracle XML DB Repository

21 Accessing Oracle XML DB Repository Data

22 Configuring Oracle XML DB Repository

23 Using XLink and XInclude with Oracle XML DB

24 Accessing the Repository Using RESOURCE_VIEW and PATH_VIEW

25 Managing Resource Versions

26 Accessing the Repository Using PL/SQL

27 Repository Access Control

28 Accessing the Repository Using Protocols

29 User-Defined Repository Metadata

30 Oracle XML DB Repository Events

31 Using Oracle XML DB Content Connector

32 Writing Oracle XML DB Applications in Java

33 Accessing Data Through URIs

34 Using Native Oracle XML DB Web Services

Part VII Oracle Tools that Support Oracle XML DB

35 Administering Oracle XML DB

36 Loading XML Data Using SQL*Loader

37 Exporting and Importing Oracle XML DB Data

38 Exchanging XML Data Using Oracle Streams AQ


39 JSON in Oracle Database

Part IX Appendixes

A Oracle-Supplied XML Schemas and Examples

B Oracle XML DB Restrictions

C Deprecated Functions for Updating XML Data

D Deprecated Constructs for XML Translation

E Full-Text Search over XML Data Without XQuery