Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax PDB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT = 'string1' , 'string2' , 'string3' , 'string4' , ...


  • string1 is the pattern of the existing filename

  • string2 is the pattern of the new filename

  • string3 is the pattern of the existing filename

  • string4 is the pattern of the new filename

You can use as many pairs of existing and new replacement strings as required. You can use single or double quotation marks.

The following are example settings that are acceptable:

PDB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT = '/dbs/t1/','/dbs/t1/s_','dbs/t2/ ','dbs/t2/s_'

Default value There is no default value
Basic No
Oracle RAC You must set this parameter for every instance, and multiple instances must have the same value.

PDB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT maps names of existing files to new file names when processing a CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE statement, as well as when processing the ENABLE PLUGGABLE DATABASE clause of the CREATE DATABASE statement, if the file_name_convert_clause is not specified and Oracle Managed Files is not enabled.

File name patterns specified in this initialization parameter cannot match files or directories managed by Oracle Managed Files.

See Also:

Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for more information about this parameter