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Oracle8i interMedia provides easy integration of image, audio, video, and text data into Web applications through Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard and Web Agent. Using Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard and Web Agent, you can drag multimedia objects from a database into Web applications or store multimedia objects into a database from Web applications.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for Web application programmers who need to store and retrieve multimedia objects from an Oracle8i database server.


This manual contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1 

Provides an introduction to using Oracle8i interMedia with the Web. 

Chapter 2 

Describes how to configure Oracle8i interMedia Web Agent so you can access databases from Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard. 

Chapter 3 

Describes how to retrieve, store, and update multimedia data using Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard. 

Chapter 4 

Describes how to store and update multimedia data from a browser or Web application and how to write PL/SQL procedures that retrieve, store, and update multimedia data. In addition, it describes how to handle errors. 

Appendix A 

Describes the error messages you might encounter when you use Oracle8i interMedia Web Agent. 

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