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1 Introducing Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard and Web Agent

1.1 Understanding Oracle8i interMedia
1.2 Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard
1.3 Oracle8i interMedia Web Agent

2 Configuring Oracle8i interMedia Web Agent

2.1 Understanding the Web Agent Configuration
2.1.1 Modifying the Web Agent Configuration
2.1.2 Specifying General Information
2.1.3 Specifying Administration Information
2.1.4 Specifying Oracle8i interMedia Web Agent Information
2.1.5 Specifying Configuration Information for Database Agents
2.2 Ensuring the Security of Your Data
2.2.1 Creating a Database Agent for Retrieval
2.2.2 Creating a Database Agent for Storage and Updating
2.2.3 Creating a Database Agent for Clipboard Use
2.2.4 Controlling Access with User Names and Passwords
2.3 Reading Error Messages

3 Using Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard

3.1 Invoking Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard
3.2 Connecting to the Database
3.3 Understanding Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard
3.4 Using Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard: Basic Steps
3.5 Creating PL/SQL Procedures with Oracle8i interMedia Clipboard
3.6 Storing Oracle8i interMedia Data in a Database
3.7 Updating Oracle8i interMedia Data in a Database
3.8 Retrieving Oracle8i interMedia Data from a Database
3.9 Understanding URL Formats
3.10 Editing Oracle8i interMedia Objects Through the Clipboard
3.11 Defining Queries and Sort Order for a Table
3.11.1 Adding More Than One Condition

4 Storing Data and Creating PL/SQL Procedures

4.1 Storing Oracle8i interMedia Data from Web Applications
4.2 Creating PL/SQL Procedures
4.2.1 Supported Parameters
4.2.2 Creating PL/SQL Procedures to Store Multimedia Objects
4.2.3 Creating PL/SQL Procedures to Store or Update BFILEs or URLs
4.2.4 Creating PL/SQL Procedures to Retrieve Multimedia Objects
4.2.5 Creating PL/SQL Procedures to Retrieve BFILEs or URLs
4.2.6 Using Other Object Types
4.2.7 Checking the Modification Date of an Object
4.2.8 Understanding Differences from the PL/SQL Cartridge
4.3 Handling Application Flow
4.3.1 Understanding HTTP Status Codes
4.3.2 Redirecting Output
4.3.3 Customizing Applications for Storing Multimedia Objects
4.3.4 Debugging Mediaget Requests

A Error Messages

A.1 Message Formats
A.2 Oracle8i interMedia Web Agent Error Messages


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