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Oracle9i Lite User's Guide for Branch Offices
Release 5.0.1
Part No. A95262-01



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1 Introduction

1.1 What is the Branch Office?
1.2 How the Branch Office Works
1.3 The Branch Office Control Center
1.4 Synchronizing Data with Headquarters

2 Installation

2.1 Overview of Installation Steps
2.2 Requirements
2.3 Create the Branch Office Administrator
2.4 Download the Branch Office from the Mobile Server Repository
2.4.1 Package the Branch Office Client Applications
2.4.2 Publish the Branch Office Client Applications
2.4.3 Grant Application Access to the Branch Office Administrator
2.5 Install the Branch Office
2.6 Log in to the Branch Office
2.7 Install the Branch Office Client Applications
2.8 Run the Branch Office Client Applications

3 Architecture

3.1 The Branch Office Environment
3.1.1 The Branch Office Client ODBC Driver JDBC Driver
3.1.2 The Branch Office Branch Office Database Oracle Lite Listener Service Mobile Client for Web-to-Go
3.1.3 Company Headquarters
3.2 Connecting Clients to the Branch Office Database Machine
3.2.1 ODBC Connection
3.2.2 JDBC Connections

4 Administration

4.1 Overview
4.1.1 Database Service Administration
4.1.2 Remote User Maintenance
4.2 Logging in to the Branch Office Control Center
4.3 Using the Branch Office Control Center
4.3.1 Updating Status Summary
4.3.2 Starting the Database Service
4.3.3 Stopping the Database Service
4.3.4 Viewing the Status of the Branch Office Database
4.4 Managing Branch Office Users
4.4.1 Creating Users
4.4.2 Setting User Roles
4.4.3 Setting User Privileges
4.4.4 Finding Users
4.4.5 Changing a User Password
4.4.6 Changing a User's Role
4.4.7 Changing Branch Office Database User Privileges
4.4.8 Removing a User
4.5 Managing Applications
4.5.1 Installing Public Files


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