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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Personal Edition Database Administrator's Guide
Release 1 ( for Windows 98

Part Number A95906-01
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What's New in Oracle9i for Windows

Oracle Database Configuration Assistant Improvements
Oracle9i Desupported and Deprecated Features

1 Postinstallation Database Creation

Before You Create a Database
Naming Conventions for Oracle Databases
Accessing Data Files and Log Files on Remote Computers
Creating a Database Using Tools
Using Oracle Database Configuration Assistant
Create a Database
Importing Sample Schemas
Delete a Database
Creating a Database Manually
How to Create a Database
Creating Directories
Exporting an Existing Database
Deleting Database Files
Modifying the init.ora file
Creating and Starting an Oracle Instance
Putting the CREATE DATABASE Statement in a Script
Creating a Database
Importing a Database
Updating the ORACLE_SID in the Registry
Backing Up the New Database

2 Post-Installation Configuration Tasks

Configuring Oracle9i Navigator
Step 1: Create a PO8 User Account
Step 2: Changing the User Password
Step 3: Enable Two-Phase Commit
Step 4: Configure a Database Connection
Step 5: Create a Project

3 Administering a Database

Starting and Shutting Down a Database with SQL*Plus
Starting and Shutting Down a Database Using OSTART and OSTOP
Running Multiple Instances
Creating Password Files
Viewing Password Files
Deleting Password Files
Connecting Remotely to the Database as SYS
Encrypting Database Passwords
Creating Control, Data, and Log Files on Remote Computers
Archiving Redo Log Files
Task 1: Change the Archive Mode to ARCHIVELOG
Task 2: Enable Automatic Archiving

4 Monitoring a Database

Database Monitoring Overview
Using Trace and Alert Files

5 Backing Up and Recovering Database Files

Selecting a Backup and Recovery Tool
Backing Up Files with the OCOPY Utility
Recovering Files with the OCOPY Utility

6 Oracle9i Database Specifications for Windows 98

Initialization Parameter File (init.ora) Overview
Location of the Initialization Parameter File
Editing the Initialization Parameter File
Sample File
SGA_MAX_SIZE parameter
Initialization Parameters Without Windows 98 Specific Values
Displaying Initialization Parameter Values
Database Initialization Parameters
Calculating Database Limits



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