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Table of Contents Image Oracle Express Spreadsheet Add-In User's Guide
Release 6.3.4

Part Number A96501-01
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1 Getting Started with Express Spreadsheet Add-In

What Is Express Spreadsheet Add-In?
Basic Steps for Working with Queries
Installing the Add-In Software
Installing the Add-In into Excel
Connecting to Express

2 Understanding Express Databases

Understanding Multidimensionality
Understanding Dimensions, Hierarchies, and Levels
Understanding Measures

3 Calling Express Programs with the API

Introducing Express Callouts
Registering Express Callout Programs
Example: Using an Express Callout Program with Programmatic Registration
CustomWriteCommand Callout
PostAttachCommand Callout
PostUpdateCommand Callout
PreCommitCommand Callout
PrePageChangeCommand Callout
PreRefreshCommand Callout
PreUpdateCommand Callout

A System Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements
Database and Express Connection Requirements

B Setting Security Levels for Database Attachment

Database Attachment Security Levels
Setting Security Levels Through the LockOutRW Property


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