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Oracle® Fail Safe Installation Guide
Release 3.3.1 for Windows
Part No. A96685-01
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List of Figures

1-1 Recommended Order for Installing Software on a Two-Node Cluster
1-2 Software Installed on Private, Shared-Nothing Cluster Disks
2-1 Oracle Universal Installer Welcome Window
2-2 Specifying the Oracle Home Directory
2-3 Selecting the Product to Install
2-4 Choosing an Installation Type
2-5 Custom Installation Options
2-6 Reboot Needed After Installation Window
2-7 Summary Window Showing Components to Be Installed
2-8 Installation Progress Window
2-9 Oracle Services for MSCS Security Information
2-10 End of Installation Window
3-1 Adding a Cluster to the Tree View
3-2 Oracle Fail Safe Manager with Cluster Added to Tree View
3-3 Connect to Cluster Dialog Box
3-4 Oracle Fail Safe Manager
3-5 Verify Cluster Operation Results
3-6 Services Dialog Box on Windows NT
3-7 Oracle Services for MSCS in the Cluster Administrator Window
3-8 Oracle Database and Listener in the Cluster Administrator Window
3-9 Help Menu
5-1 Error Window for Improper Server Installation

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