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Oracle® Real Application Clusters Guard Installation Guide
Release 3.3.1 for Windows
Part No. A96686-01
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1 Introduction and Preinstallation Checklist

1.1 Conventions
1.2 Cluster Setup Prerequisites
1.3 Recommended Order for Software Installation
1.3.1 Adding a Node to an Existing Cluster
1.4 Postinstallation Procedures

2 Installing Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard

2.1 Review the Before You Install Checklist
2.2 Install the Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard Software

3 Getting Started

3.1 Verify the Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard Installation
3.1.1 Start Oracle Fail Safe Manager
3.1.2 Connect to the Cluster
3.1.3 Run Verify Cluster
3.1.4 Verify the OracleMSCSServices Service Entry
3.1.5 Verify That Oracle Services for MSCS Is in the Cluster Group
3.1.6 Verify That Additional Components Were Installed
3.2 Oracle Fail Safe Online Help

4 Deinstalling Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard

5 Troubleshooting Installation Problems

5.1 Problems Installing Oracle Services for MSCS
5.2 Problems with the User Rights Policy
5.3 Network Configuration Problems

A Performing Rolling Upgrades

A.1 Preparing Users for the Upgrade
A.2 Recommended Order for Upgrading Software
A.3 Upgrading Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard and Installing Patches
A.4 Upgrading Oracle Product Software
A.5 Upgrading an Oracle Database

B Performing a Silent Installation

B.1 Introduction to Silent Mode Installations
B.2 Editing and Enabling the Response File
B.2.1 Implementation Steps
B.2.2 Validation of Values from the Response File
B.2.3 silentInstall.log File
B.3 Contents of a Response File
B.3.1 General Section
B.3.2 Session Section
B.3.3 Component Section of the Response File

C Manually Registering Oracle Resource DLL Files

C.1 Oracle Resource DLL Files
C.2 Registering and Unregistering the Oracle Resource DLL Files
C.2.1 Oracle Resource DLL Files
C.2.2 Oracle Resource Administrator Extension DLL Files


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