Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Messages Guide
Release 2 ( for OS/390

Part Number A97314_01
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1 Oracle Access Manager for IMS/TM Messages

Messages AMI-0001 to AMI-0055
Messages AMI-0107 to AMI-0197

2 Oracle Access Manager for CICS Messages

Messages CIC-00001 to CIC-00026
Abends Under Oracle Access Manager for CICS

3 CFUTIL Messages

Messages CFU-0001 to CFU-0013

4 Oracle9i for OS/390 Installation Messages

Messages OFT101I to OFT107I
Messages OFT101E to OFT999E

5 OS/390-Specific Oracle Database Messages

Messages ORA-04100 to ORA-04157

6 Server Infrastructure Error Codes

ORA-04101 Error Codes 1060 to 1349

7 FNA Messages

Messages ORAFNA-001 to ORAFNA-035

8 Client Infrastructure Messages

Messages MIC011 to MIC022

9 Network Messages

Messages MIN0001 to MIN0901

10 Database Region Messages

Messages MIR0001 to MIR0613

11 Oracle Subsystem Messages

Messages MIS0001 to MIS0454

12 User Abend Codes

User Abend Codes U1010 to U1378
User Abend Codes U2010 to U2011
User Abend Codes U3975 to U3984 (Oracle Access Manager for IMS/TM)


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