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Oracle CorporateTime for Macintosh Release Notes
Release 5.2.3 for Macintosh

Part Number B10153-01

Oracle® CorporateTime for Macintosh

Release Notes

Release 5.2.3

August, 2002

Part No. B10153-01

This document summarizes the differences between Oracle CorporateTime 5.2.3 for Macintosh and its documented functionality. For the most recent and up-to-date information on this product, consult the Oracle Collaboration Suite Release Notes Addendum, available online at

1 Certification and System Requirements

2 Post-installation configuration steps

2.1 Connecting to a server for the first time

If you wish to keep any Entries you have created in an off-line agenda, you must upload your off-line agenda manually after connecting to the server. After uploading, the client will ask you if you wish to replace your off-line agenda with one that has been synchronized with your server.

2.2 A brief guide to the click-and-type interface

In the day or week view, when the cursor is on the border of an Entry, it is shaped like an arrow. Clicking the Entry selects the event. When the cursor is in the central section of an Entry that is large enough to display text, it will be in the shape of an I-beam. Clicking with this cursor allows you to edit the title. Before entering into the text-edit mode, double-clicking an Entry will open it.

In the text-edit mode, the Enter and Return keys confirm your changes and will create an Entry if one does not already exist. The Escape key will cancel your changes, as will clicking outside the Entry. To bring up the Edit Entry dialog box, type Command-Enter or Command-Return. The Select key will affect the Entry's title or, to delete the entire Entry, type Command-Delete.

When the Entry is selected, it can be dragged to another date or time, and its time lengthened or shortened. To change the date or time, point the cursor at its corner and drag it.

3 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issues and their workarounds for Oracle CorporateTime 5.2.3 for Macintosh.

3.1 Creating and viewing entries

If you use CorporateTime 5.0 or earlier to create Daily Notes and Day Events and view them using CorporateTime 5.1 or greater, some of them may shift by a day.

3.2 Changing time zones

If you change time zones and create a repeating Daily Note, two instances of the note might appear for a single day in the list box. Once the event is created, the Daily Note will be displayed properly.

3.3 Combined column of the Group View

In the Group View, if you exclude a person by unchecking his box and then reselect it, his declined Meetings will be displayed as busy times on the Combined column. Suggested workaround: Select View menu | Refresh All or change the view.

3.4 Printing in landscape mode

You will be unable to print in the landscape mode.

3.5 Creating a repeating Meeting

If you create a repeating Meeting and you choose to delete your list of dates, all information about the Meeting, except for title and details (location, participants, linked tasks) will be lost. Suggested workaround: Create, edit or modify your list of dates before you add a location, task or list of participants.

3.6 Importing and exporting vCalendar files

When you import or export a vCalendar file, some of the entry details may be missing.

3.7 Searching the directory

When doing a directory search, first or last names that contain a space must be entered using "^" to replace the space.

4 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

This section describes configuration issues and their workarounds for Oracle CorporateTime 5.2.3 for Macintosh.

4.1 Viewing tooltips

If you are using Mac OS 8 or 9, you cannot view tooltips.

4.2 Installing on Mac OS 8.6

When installing on Mac OS 8.6, you will receive an error during installation. Suggested workaround: If you do not have Carbonlib 1.2, download the Classic installer instead of the Carbon installer.

4.3 Special characters

Some special characters, such as accents, are not transferred properly when moving an Address Book from a PC to a Macintosh.

4.4 Support for SASL K4

Oracle CorporateTime 5.2 - 5.2.3 for Macintosh does not support SASL K4.

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Copyright © 1993, 2002 Oracle Corporation.

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