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Table of Contents Image Oracle Email Administrator's Guide Addendum
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B10220-01

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1 Getting Started

Pre-Configuration Checklist
Verifying the Java and OracleText Options on the Mail Store Database
Verifying and Starting the Oracle9iAS Infrastructure and Application Servers
Verifying that the ctxsys Database Account is Accessible
Registering the Database with Oracle Internet Directory
Setting the Database init.ora Parameters on the Mail Store Database
Creating Mail Store Tablespaces and Schema
Configuring Oracle Email
Configuring the Oracle Email Mail Store
Configuring the Oracle Email Middle Tier
Using the Administration Tools
Oracle Enterprise Manager
Thin Client
Starting Up, Shutting Down, and Reinitializing Oracle Email
Verifying and Starting the Listener for the Mail Store
Verifying and Starting the Listener for the Middle Tier
Starting the Oracle Email System
Stopping the Oracle Email System
Reinitializing the Oracle Email System
Creating a Public User

2 Oracle Real Application Clusters

Registering Database with Oracle Internet Directory
Installing umbackend.tar File
Runnig Script

3 Mail Recovery

Setting Up Mail Recovery
Executing Mail Recovery

4 Domain Preferences

Modifying Existing Domain Preferences

5 Address Rewriting Rules

Types of Address Rewriting Rules
Rule Symbols
Rule Execution Guidelines

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