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Table of Contents Image Oracle9i Installation Guide
Release 2 ( for hp OpenVMS Alpha

Part Number B10508-01
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1 Oracle9i Installation Planning

Oracle9i Installation Overview
Oracle9i Products for Installation
Oracle9i Database Configurations
Environment Descriptions
Database Configuration Assistant
Installation With Existing Oracle Databases
System Installation Requirements
Time Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Disk Space Requirements
Operating System Software Requirements
Product Dependencies
Important Compatibility Issues
Additional Product-Specific Installation Requirements
Configuration Restrictions
Copying Oracle Executables
Oracle Net Linking Options
Silent Mode Installation
What Is a Silent Installation?
What Is a Response File?
Why Perform a Silent Installation?
Modifying a Response File
Invoking the Installer.

2 Release Information

Product Set
Changes and Enhancements
Initialization Parameters in Oracle9i Release 2 That Have Been Desupported
Initialization Parameters in Oracle9i Release 2 That Are Becoming Obsolete
Known Restrictions
The following items are not supported:

3 CD-ROM Pre-installation Requirements

HP OpenVMS and Installation-Specific Issues and Restrictions
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Character Mode
Upgrading and Migrating
File Systems
Optimal Flexible Architecture
Using Hummingbird Exceed
Installation Procedure Requirements
Oracle Server Database Administrator Account
Oracle9i Account is NOT the SYS or SYSTEM Account
Oracle9i Account UIC Must Be Greater than MAXSYSGROUP
Adding a Record in the User Authorization File (UAF)
Setting Account Privileges
Setting Account Quotas
Process Rights for Database Administrators
Process Rights for SGA Protection
Process Rights for Intelligent Agent (OEMAGENT)
Security Issues with Multiple Databases
Completing Account Setup
Verifying Privileges
HP OpenVMS Alpha SYSGEN Parameters
Using the Reserved Memory Registry
HP OpenVMS Alpha System Configuration
Setup Tasks to Perform as the SYSTEM User
Create an OpenVMS Account to Own Oracle Software
Create an OpenVMS Account to Own the Apache Server
Setup Tasks to Perform as the Oracle User
Set Permissions for File Creation
Set Display
Setup Tasks for Oracle Products
Precompilers and Tools
Network and System Management Products

4 Installation

Installation Mount Options
Installation Option, Installing Oracle9i from the Hard Drive
Oracle Universal Installer
Installing an Oracle9i Database
Installing Oracle9i Client
Reviewing a Log of an Installation Session
Installing Real Application Clusters
Completing Installation of Oracle9i Server Enterprise Edition
Non-Interactive Installation and Configuration
Cleaning Up After a Failed Installation

5 Post-Installation

Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
Interactive Mode
Non-interactive Mode
Using DBCA Response Files
User Passwords
Configuration Tasks to Perform as the System User
Configuration Tasks to Perform as the Oracle User
Set Initialization Parameters
Post-Installation for Oracle Products
Oracle Net
Oracle Options
Shared Server
Oracle Precompilers
Oracle Supported Protocols
Starter Database Contents
Unlocking and Resetting User Passwords
Reviewing User Names and Passwords
Identifying Databases
Tablespaces and Data Files
Locating the Initialization Parameter File
Locating Redo Log Files
Locating Control Files
Using Rollback Segments
Using the Data Dictionary
Adding or Upgrading Products
Relinking the Oracle Code
Step 1 Shutdown the Given Database(s)
Step 2 Remove Images
Step 3 Invoke the Oracle Installation Utility

A Oracle9i Products

Oracle9i Database Components
Enterprise Edition
SE List
Oracle9i Client Components
Runtime Edition
Administrator Edition
Product Descriptions

B Oracle9i 64-bit Feature

Introduction to the Oracle9i 64-bit Feature
Introducing the Oracle9i 64-bit Feature
Benefits of the Oracle9i 64-bit Feature
Implementation of the Oracle 64-bit Feature on HP OpenVMS Alpha
Suggested Parameter Settings
Other Recommendations

C Oracle Transparent Gateway

System Requirements for Oracle Transparent Gateway
RDB Gateway Requirements
RMS Gateway Requirements
Tested Gateway Configurations
Gateway Installation Worksheets
Installing Oracle Transparent Gateway
Mounting Transparent Gateway from the CD-ROM
Installation Prompts for Transparent Gateway
Removing Oracle Transparent Gateway

D Apache Server Installation/Configuration

Post-Installation Checklist
Check Disk Quota
Test the Installation
Browser Test
Running the Oracle HTTP Server on OpenVMS
Starting and Stopping the Server
Server Log File
Customizing the Server Environment
How to Configure Apache
Modules and Directives
Supported and Unsupported Features
File Formats
File Naming Conventions
File Transfer Process and Access Control List
Logical Names
OpenVMS Cluster Considerations
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Security Information
Process Model
Privileged Images
Privileges Required to Start and Stop the Server
File Ownership and Protection
Server Extensions (CGI Scripts)
suEXEC Not Available for Protecting Script Execution
Open Source Licenses


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