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10g (9.0.4)

Part Number B10612-01
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1 Tutorial Overview

1.1 Tutorial Scenario
1.2 Summary

2 Adding Data to a Report

2.1 Open the Web page
2.2 Use the Data Wizard to add data to a sample Web page
2.3 Save your report as a JSP file
2.4 Summary

3 Reviewing the Source Code of the Web Report

3.1 View the Web source in Reports Builder
3.2 Verify your JSP code
3.3 Summary

4 Creating a Report Block for the Web Report

4.1 Add a report block to your Web page
4.2 Summary

5 Reviewing the Source Code for the Report Block

5.1 View the Web source in Reports Builder
5.2 Verify your JSP code
5.3 Summary

6 Creating a Graph for the Web Report

6.1 Open the source for the report in Reports Builder
6.2 Create a graph using the Graph Wizard
6.3 Save your report with the new graph
6.4 Summary

7 Reviewing the Source Code for the Graph

7.1 View the source in Reports Builder
7.2 Review the rw:graph Tag
7.3 Summary

8 Generating a Paper Report

8.1 Generate a paper report based on your data model
8.2 Modifying a report in the Paper Design view
8.3 Summary

A Quick Reference Guide

A.1 Entries for the Data Wizard
A.2 Entries for the report block
A.3 Entries for the Graph Wizard
A.4 Entries for the Report Wizard

B Tool Palette and Toolbar Reference

B.1 Main Toolbar
B.2 Data Model view tool palette
B.3 Paper Layout view tool palette



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