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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide

Part Number B10952-01
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GetChunk Method Example

This example demonstrates the use of GetChunk to retrieve a LONG RAW column of a database and save it into a file. This example expects a valid dynaset named OraDynaset representing a table with a column named longraw. Copy and paste this code into the definition section of a form. Call this procedure with a valid filename.

Sub GetChunkExample (FName As String)

'Declare various variables

Dim CurSize As Integer, ChunkSize As Long

Dim I As Integer, FNum As Integer, CurChunk As String

'Set the size of each chunk

ChunkSize = 10240

frmChunk.MousePointer = HOURGLASS

'Get a free file number

FNum = FreeFile

'Open the file

Open FName For Binary As #FNum

I = 0

'Loop through all of the chunks

'Oracle does not return the size of columns > 64KB.

'We should loop until the length of our block is

'less than we asked for.


CurChunk = OraDynaset.Fields("LONGRAW").GetChunk(I * ChunkSize, ChunkSize)

CurSize = Len(CurChunk) 'Get the length of the current chunk.

Put #FNum, , CurChunk 'Write chunk to file.

I = I + 1

Loop Until CurSize < ChunkSize

'Close the file.

Close FNum

frmChunk.MousePointer = DEFAULT

End Sub

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All Rights Reserved.
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