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Oracle® Objects for OLE C++ Class Library Developer's Guide

Part Number B10954-01
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GetStatus Method

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This method returns a set of flags indicating the status of the OParameter.


int GetStatus(void) const


You can use this method to query a parameter's state. It reports the state by means of a single integer which contain flags. These flags are ORed together, and can have the following values:

OPARAMETER_STATUS_IN // on if the parameter is an in variable

OPARAMETER_STATUS_OUT // on if the parameter is an out variable

OPARAMETER_STATUS_AUTOENABLED // on if the parameter is auto-enabled

OPARAMETER_STATUS_ENABLED // on if the parameter is enabled

Auto-enabling is set with the AutoEnable method. The in and out status of a parameter is set when the parameter is created with OParameterSet::Add. A parameter is enabled if it is ready to be used as a parameter, which means that it is auto-enabled, has a name and a valid value. If you have created the parameter with OParameterSet::Add then it will be enable if it is auto-enabled.

Return Value

An integer containing ORed flags, or 0 on error.

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