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Oracle® Objects for OLE C++ Class Library Developer's Guide

Part Number B10954-01
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LookupErrorText Method

Applies To

OAdvise, OBinder, OClient, OConnection, OConnectionCollection, ODatabase, ODatabaseCollection, ODynaset, ODynasetMark, OField, OFieldCollection, OParameter, OParameterCollection, OSession, OSessionCollection


This method returns a text description (if one is available) for the internal class library error corresponding to errno.


const char *LookupErrorText(long errno) const


An error number that was returned by ErrorNumber.

This method returns a text string describing the error represented by errno. If no text is available for the this error code, the method returns a NULL.

The string returned is owned by the object. The caller should not free it; it will be freed when the object is destroyed, closed, or the next time the error is reset. The error is reset whenever you call a method.

Oracle database errors (as distinct from error that occur in the use of the class library) are reported through the OSession and ODatabase methods ServerErrorNumber and GetServerErrorText.

Return Value

A valid, null terminated const char pointer on success; NULL on failure.

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